2021-22 Season

Michigan set for August exhibition games in Europe

Michigan is headed overseas in August to play three exhibition games.

The Wolverines will make stops in Paris, Athens and Mykonos as part of their exhibition trip to Europe.

Michigan’s last offseason trip was in August 2018 when the Wolverines traveled to Spain. The Wolverines are also scheduled to play Kentucky in London in December as part of their non-conference schedule.

Notable Replies

  1. IanLemersal

    This could be pretty cool

  2. umhoops

    As always, the biggest advantage of these trips is the additional practices. I believe teams get 10 extra practices which really beefs up the preseason prep.

  3. AmherstAl

    Dylan, do you expect we’ll be able to see the games one way or another?

  4. quickdarshan

    Now Moussa has to come back.

  5. Mgoblue_913

    Less than one week we’ll know for sure, what’s everyone’s opinion for our two that are hanging in the balance?

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