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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: September 26th, 2022

It’s time for our monthly subscriber ‘Ask Me Anything’ and it’s a great time now that the 2022-23 season is just a month and a half away.

Any member can ask a question, all you have to do is log in to the message board and add it to the thread. I’ll be answering questions throughout the day. You can submit your question now.

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Notable Replies

  1. DeAngeloVickers

    When is the time to panic about the 2023 class?

  2. dreem

    Are you going to watch any US/UCLA this year in prep for joining the big 10? I know many aren’t fans of UCLA after the 2021 tourney, but I like watching Tyger Campbell.

  3. SpikeNovak

    Projected median outcome stat line for Joey Baker this year?

  4. umhoops

    I’m not really sure what it means to panic about a recruiting class at this point. I think the reality is that you can’t really worry that much about a recruiting class until you know how the transfer recruiting period plays out.

    Basketball recruiting used to really hinge on multi-year plans and what years 3 and 4 of a class would look like, but that just isn’t how college hoops works anymore.

    I think it is much more about maximizing the coming year’s roster. Michigan doesn’t need a big ‘23 class for numbers because of the way the roster is shaped right now with so many underclassmen. An impact guy like Collier would be great, but I really think next year’;s team will hinge on how players develop this year (that we haven’t really seen play) and how U-M attacks the portal.

  5. umhoops

    I watch an absurd amount of college hoops so I’m sure I’ll watch some USC and UCLA games from time to time. Tyger Campbell is really a fun point guard and UCLA should be pretty good again. I’ll be tuning in, but I’m not really sure if it’ll be to scout them for the future.

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