2022-23 Season

Film Session: Breaking down Youssef Khayat’s fit at Michigan

We are changing things up a bit this week with the first “video pod” in UM Hoops history. Eric Shapiro and I went in-depth and broke down film from one of Youssef Khayat’s biggest games of the 2021-22 season with Limoges U21. He scored 27 points, seven rebounds and handed out four assists in a narrow loss against ASVEL U21.

We break down over 30 clips in the video to analyze the particulars of his game and then try to sort out how that fits with Michigan’s system and roster. This is a bit of an experimental feature, so please let us know if you enjoy it in the comments or if there’s other things you’d want to see.

Notable Replies

  1. quickdarshan

    Woah, an hour-long film breakdown. This is like my House of the Dragons.

  2. hack

    Sam Webb and Devin Gardner just got bumped lower down the list. Caught the first 15 mins so far, looking forward to the rest. Great stuff.

  3. BBREP

    More please. Can you do the transfers next.

  4. kherodan32

    this was awesome. I haven’t even seen it but I already know it’s going to be a banger.

  5. dirk

    Wow. He’s a true wing.

    It is so hard to project a skill player like this. Trae Young is to me the ultimate example. No way that guy should be an NBA player, physically, but he’s an All Star and if his team is good enough an MVP candidate. Skill matters. Where Yo-yo falls is just impossible for me to project. He really looks like he will score and play perimeter D reasonably, but if you told me Cheddar ended the year as backup 4 bc yo is just too weak I wouldn’t be shocked.

    Anyway thx for clips and reflections. This was awesome. Peak podcasting and epic September content.

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