Podcast: Our under-the-radar Big Ten players to watch in 2022-23

Dylan and Brendan recap the All-Big Ten selections and then dive into 10 players in the league who are under the radar but worth discussing. The conversations focuses on players who could have a bigger impact than anticipated or players who are toughest to figure out.

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Notable Replies

  1. SteveM

    Haven’t even listened to last week’s yet. Gonna have to go on a 3+ hour run now just to get my hoops talk in.

  2. mgl

    Is it a coincidence that the mental health drug promo runs after BQ talks up Fletcher Loyer?

  3. DMB43

    @umhoops If I heard correct sounds like you’re thinking about coming to the Ferris State game. Say the word and I’ll let the Maize Rage group know we’ll need a VIP pass for the student section with your name on it. And don’t worry, you can borrow my Lebanon flag.

  4. rlcBlue

    Do you have one in maize and blue yet?

  5. ReegsShannon

    Also another random shot at BQ’s basketball takes: on “liking Lorne Bowman”, he’s gonna be off the bench behind 3 other starting guards at Oakland this year.

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