2022-23 Season

Video: Juwan Howard talks Emoni Bates, Eastern Michigan

Juwan Howard met with the media this afternoon to preview Michigan’s game against Eastern Michigan on Friday night in Detroit.

Notable Replies

  1. Matthew_Straight

    Juwan stays hating the media sessions :joy::joy::joy: The new season is here!!

  2. kherodan32

    I love Juwan but what I would give to have Phil do every press conference. Juwan is so disinterested in pressers it’s painful lol

  3. umhoops

    I’d probably rather take someone in the middle :rofl: Somewhere between “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” and epic soundbite and bit for every situation that could ever occur in basketball.

    Martelli’s great to listen to, but he uses his charm to avoid discussing some hoops nuance in a sense.

  4. Matthew_Straight

    Loved the part where he spilled something on his sweatshirt and was more concerned about wiping it off than the question itself :joy:

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