2022-23 Season

Podcast: Overreactions! Illinois, Kris Murray, TJD, Penn State (!), and much more

The second week of Big Ten hoops brought us some more entertaining games which means it is time to overreact. Dylan and Brendan share some overreactions and debate how their perception of the league has changed after two weeks of basketball.
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Notable Replies

  1. Voltron_Blue

    Can I very humbly request that, instead of “Podcast: [Subject]”, you do “Moving Screen: [Subject]” or “Pin Down: [Subject]” as relevant? Would be appreciated!

    For Moving Screen…it’s going to be sad listening to a conference whose reputation has increased considerably while Michigan is going the other direction… :cry:

  2. colin

    Pod content still vv good. Little pain hearing you guys lauding Reneau like that. Thought he was often the top dude on Nightrydas and always loved his game even if he was a 4 that we didn’t really have obvious room for. And there was 0 interest ever reported in either side right?

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