2022-23 Season

Podcast: Where does Michigan go from here? Assessing the Wolverines through five games

Dylan and Eric breakdown Michigan’s performance through five games and try to hone in on what’s not working and what the Wolverines can do to improve after a lackluster start to the year.

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  1. ChipJonez

    So glad you brought up the box score from the first game in Europe. That has distorted my perception of JL ever since, and is the sole reason I still have hope that he can run this offense.

    Otherwise, just make shots boys! If you’re open, fire away! Kobe and JL feel like every shot they take comes with an under-whisper of “sorry Hunter”.

  2. poppinfresh

    I still want to see more Tschetter. He could provide shooting, energy and rebounding. At a min taking some of Jaces time or eating a bit into Twill or back up five minutes

  3. Mattski

    One thing we may be forgetting is that we don’t need Llewellyn to be a savior, just distribute the ball, run the pick and roll, and hit some shots. Not miss his bunnies. Dunno about the pick and roll but the rest is demonstrably within his reach. I don’t see how we become a good defensive rebounding team–Hunter’s limitations have once again been glaring this season–but we can D up with greater intensity and effectiveness. Have a couple of guys hitting threes, take a little bit of the scoring pressure (and other team) off of Hunter, and there may be a decent season, one of slow improvement, buried under the current chaos. Could be misreading, but I feel like I’m a little more hopeful, after five games, than most people here.

    I enjoy these podcasts.

  4. ChipJonez

    I think there are a lot of us that still have real hope, but are too scared to say it out loud because the sample sizes are growing. I’m confident that we will have some good wins this year and our ceiling on a per-game basis is just as high as i hoped. As Dylan/Eric pointed out, its the floor that I was dead wrong about.

  5. kherodan32

    I agree. I think the one biggest difference that an improvement can make is Kobe making his threes. If he can do that we don’t need JL to be much more than what he is.

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