Podcast: Big Ten Power Rankings! Assessing the league after three weeks

Brendan and Dylan go back to a Moving Screen staple: The Big Ten Power Ranking Draft. They run through the league from top to bottom to sort out the best teams in the league and attempt to separate pretenders from contenders.
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Notable Replies

  1. kcg

    Penn State and Rutgers have the same problem just on opposite sides. What is Penn State when they stop making an absurd amount of threes, and what is Rutgers when their opponents stop missing an absurd amount of threes?

  2. Apex_Rogers

    I could hardly believe my ears when Dylan picked Northwestern ahead of Michigan. I’m sure we’re all aware of the issues the team faces, but do you really see Northwestern finishing the season ahead of Michigan? I guess the premise of the segment was how are they playing “now” in some snapshot, ephemeral sense, so I kind of get it, but it just struck me as a bit harsh lol.

  3. ChipJonez

    Will 2 close losses, though not probable given the evidence, improve our morale at all? I keep trying to find reasons to think this is a fluke, because I feel like these open shots will go in at the expected clip…but the sample size just keeps on growing. ugh.

  4. buckets12

    The idea that a Northwestern team that starts Chase Audige, Boo Buie, Ty Berry, Tydus Verhoeven and Robbie Beran that is coached by Chris Collins is better at basketball at any point in time than a Michigan team with Hunter Dickinson and Jett Howard on it is such an indictment on this team and this staff right now

  5. umhoops

    There’s an obvious path to Michigan being a better team in 1-2-3-4 months but they have to figure out how to actually play together to make that work. Right now, I’d imagine most computer rankings have NW ahead of Michigan.

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