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Podcast: What to expect from Dug McDaniel moving forward & listener questions

Dylan and Eric discuss the impact of Jaelin Llewellyn’s ACL injury, how much of Dug McDaniel’s big performance in Minneapolis is repeatable, Michigan’s inconsistent bench play and then answer listener questions.

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Notable Replies

  1. hack

    Here to express solidarity with Eric and his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I am another Jewish person who did not know the term but happens to have one in his living room right now. This year it’s the ficus. We’re never home for the holidays anyways.

  2. umhoops

    To be fair to me… It was an actual Christmas tree, not another tree that looked like a Christmas tree :rofl:

  3. hack

    Well then when they give out the umhoopsies this year I’m definitely not a candidate for the Best Jewish Person Christmas Tree award. Eric may be.

  4. eric_shap

    Very much appreciate the solidarity. My fiancé made me watch A Charlie Brown Christmas last night after I told her what happened on the pod… I didn’t remember but I had seen it a long time ago, just forgot what actually happened.

    Also, Dylan greatly exaggerated – the tree doesn’t look anything like the movie lol. It was mostly cut off in the background of the Zoom, though, so I’ll give him somewhat of a pass.

  5. hack

    This sounds like A Very UMHoops Podcast Moment. I thoroughly enjoyed it and its aftermath.

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