Podcast: Big Ten Year In Review

Brendan and Dylan recap the best and worst moments of the 2022 calendar year in Big Ten basketball, taking time to stop and highlight some ridiculous moments along the way.

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Notable Replies

  1. kcg

    Loved that you started with some Rutgers, glad you’ve gotten my letters. You had some legit criticism but also they should be 2-0 with wins over two (presumably) top half of the league teams but were robbed of a win.

    There were also injuries to key pieces that cost them the Temple and Miami games but I realize this argument is refuted by the disaster at full strength at home against Seton Hall.

  2. AC1997

    That was an interesting listen and helped get me through multiple commutes. Certainly some very random memories from BQ in this podcast that probably didn’t need to make the cut but it was a nice walk down memory lane.

    My only criticism is that once again people misrepresent Juwan picking up the ball in the middle of the game. BQ, like other media members or fans last year, acts like Juwan had a complete brain fart and had no idea what he was doing. Go watch the video again and see that The ball is clearly kicked on the play all the way down the court and probably should have been called for a kicked ball. I realize you could make an argument that the player didn’t move his leg in a kicking motion, but you can’t convince me that nine times out of 10 that’s a kicked ball and Juan is picking it up to give back to the ref after the whistle blows.

  3. dirk

    I thought this was an excellent pod. Very good survey of the league and the year.

    Hard to argue the year’s biggest loser was anybody but Michigan. I guess we knew Jan 1 2022 that the team was not going to be as good as we thought before play began in Nov 21, so in some way making tournament and S16 were better than expected. However what you neglected to mention in the loser arguments was that Mich lost its starting PG. yikes, that’s unlucky.

  4. rlcBlue

    So, Dylan, any chance you and Brendan do a UM-MSU preview podcast for auld lang syne?

  5. umhoops

    Just recorded it, should be up soon.

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