2022-23 Season

Video: Phil Martelli, Joey Baker preview Michigan State

Phil Martelli and Joey Baker met with the media on Friday morning to preview Michigan’s Saturday clash in East Lansing.

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Some interesting stuff in here w/r/t the rivalry, Hunter Dickinson NIL/podcast/etc.,

  2. ChipJonez

    Phil delivering as always. The last Hunter answer was a little cryptic, and I’m glad they’re “handling it” regardless of what their definition of “handle” is.

    A lot of the Hunter noise is actually just guilt-by-association, and there will continue to be controversial things said on his podcast (and dozens of others) as athletes’ gain more platforms to be themselves. It’s a good thing overall, but some of our fanbase is annoyed because they don’t want to root for the villain.

    This is the rivalry I want :slight_smile:

  3. BigBoutros

    no one is forcing him to associate with such characters. and most of the noise is Hunter’s own mouth, not others’.

  4. ChipJonez

    I don’t disagree, I don’t mean to endorse the podcast specifically either. Guilt by Association. The Hitler thing was not said by Hunter, was it? I think that’s the only thing that has crossed the line (with MSU). There was no reason for his specific comments about Wisconsin, though.

    I guess my point is that Hunter is the current public villain, but there are going to be more that arise from different teams across the country. But… then it’s on them (including HD) to back it up on the court.

  5. BigBoutros

    His academic comments crossed the line IMO.

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