2022-23 Season

Podcast: Former Big Ten MBB head Rick Boyages explains officiating; plus thoughts on Purdue, IU, and more

Dylan and Brendan recap Michigan State’s win over Michigan and Purdue’s bounceback week before running through the latest on Iowa, Indiana, Northwestern and others. Then they are joined by a rare guest appearance on the pod as former Big Ten Associate Commissioner for Men’s Basketball Rick Boyages joins to discuss officiating in the league (44:00), what goes into scheduling and assigning officials, coaching reactions, how it impacts the game and much more.

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(0:00): Big Ten thoughts on Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern and Iowa
(44:00): Rick Boyages on Big Ten officiating

The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

Notable Replies

  1. hack

    A real Ant Wright Eyes Emoji special here. Looking forward to listening.

  2. Maize_achusetts

    Really enjoyed this one. Can’t promise I’ll whine less about officiating, but I’ll do my best!

  3. ChipJonez

    Really good stuff, and I loved your question about the style of play and how it impacts officiating out of the conference and in the tourney.

    Rick’s answer was that it’s the coaches style’s and recruiting that are different (which is true), but then admittedly said that they have to call games differently in conference than out of conference. So I feel just as conflicted about the B1G’s style winning a natty than I did before!

  4. umhoops

    I agree. He downplayed it then went through all the reasons that refs call games differently in the league :joy:

    Different crew this year with Hightower running the show but definitely thought it was interesting.

  5. quickdarshan

    Great interview! Also, appreciate the time stamps so I could easily avoid Michigan-MSU discussion.

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