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Notable Replies

  1. Mgoblue_913

    Assuming Jett Howard will be out for sometime, what starting lineup would you like to see going forward?

  2. giveansk1

    Michigan Basketball hasn’t been this tough a watch since?

  3. ace11daley

    Your gut feeling, Without getting into who the wins end up being over, would 12-8 (18-13) get Michigan into the ncaa field?

  4. steve

    Pretty much a guarantee that Baker slides in for Jett, no?

    I’m curious if they keep the same guys playing, minus Jett, or if Jace or Barnes get a little run.

  5. Emveepee

    Maybe covered before… but can you discuss late game lead/game/clock management?

    I understand you want to use as much of the clock as possible with a multi possession lead, but it never feels … great. For example, late in the Minnesota game, M up 4 with 1:09 left. A bucket goes a long way to sealing the win.

    Offense holds the ball to under 10 on the shot clock and Dug takes a pretty poor step back 3, which he misses. Obviously, it would be great for that to go in. But rather than waiting so long and not having any time to run a meaningful play, wouldn’t it be better to try to work inside or for a better shot, even if you leave an extra 10 seconds on the clock?

    It feels like the team is spending too much late-game time focused on the clock and not enough time on points.

    Am I thinking about this wrong?

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