2022-23 Season

Podcast: What’s wrong at Ohio State?

Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch joins the pod to discuss Ohio State’s recent skid, Zed Key’s struggles and injury, how Chris Holtmann keeps finding first-round talent, whether Holtmann is on the proverbial hot seat, and much more.

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(0:00): Big Ten thoughts on Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern and Iowa
(44:00): Rick Boyages on Big Ten officiating

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Notable Replies

  1. dreem

    Improved the timing on the gap between the intro music and talking, good stuff.

  2. hack

    ANSWER: so many things but more would be nice.

  3. jemblue

    Re: Underwood/Holtmann comparison, I think it’s misleading to look at their average performance. Underwood inherited an Illinois team in bad shape after Groce, and needed a couple years to get them off the ground. He’s had a positive overall trajectory even if they haven’t done well in the tournament. Holtmann otoh had his best season in year 1, with Matta’s guys, and his program has had a flat trajectory ever since.

  4. umhoops

    OSU missed the tourney in b2b years before Holtmann was hired, though. I also don’t think 2018 was Holtmann’s best year … 2020 and 2021 teams were both better on KenPom. 2021 team got a 2 seed and 2018 team got a 5, for example.

  5. jemblue

    I would agree that their 21 team was probably the best, but 18 had the best overall record. In the end both lost in the first weekend though, and at this point it feels like he’s just not a good tournament coach. And then he also can’t seem to win conference titles, either.

    Underwood might not be a good postseason coach either, but he has won two banners( B1G / BTT), which definitely helps his cause.

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