2022-23 Season

Game 27: Michigan State at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Michigan State tip at 8:00 p.m. on FOX tonight. Read the preview and join the discussion on our message board.

Notable Replies

  1. M_Wolve91

    Terrance Williams officially out for game :frowning:

  2. umhoops

  3. M_Wolve91

    Any chance they give Tarris a chance tonight as starter?

  4. umhoops

    Don’t know that it makes sense to start him really because of sub patterns. But who knows.

  5. mgl

    Yeah I’d tend to think that we start Tschetter or Jace (maybe Baker but I doubt it), but wouldn’t hurt to see 15 minutes of double big too

    On one hand I don’t like the idea of Baker standing up to Hall or Hauser inside but also don’t like the idea of Tschetter closing them out at the arc

    Sort of underlines why Williams plays.

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