2022-23 Season

Game 28: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread

Michigan and Rutgers tip at 8:30 p.m. tonight. Read the preview and join the discussion on our message board.

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  1. BigBoutros

    Rutgers will win and cover

  2. giveansk1

    I think Dylan thought McConnell would try to play and that seems to be what’s going on.

  3. Diesmitty

    If we don’t win this Michigan’s season will be over for the 4th time this season.

  4. steve

  5. buckets12

    He did this at the Kohl Center Saturday for what it’s worth too. Spent the entire first half in uniform under warm ups jogging and doing high knees in the tunnel. Appeared to plead with the staff to enter when mulcahy was hurt momentarily and they told him no. Came out of halftime in street clothes.

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