2022-23 Season

Game 29: Wisconsin at Michigan Recap

The tenth anniversary of Michigan’s Final Four team earlier this month made me stop to realize how many game recaps I’ve written over the last decade-plus I’ve been running this website. The number is over 500 and games start to blend together in easy-to-define buckets. You can train yourself not to overreact to one result and eventually it feels like you’ve written about everything that can happen in a college basketball game.

Then there’s whatever happened on Sunday afternoon in Ann Arbor.

This one is easy to categorize, but that’s because it is so hard to explain. Sometimes the sport gifts us with incredible moments at opportune times. You watch two teams go back and forth for sixty-something possessions and the whole ordeal comes down to one improbable shot. The chaotic mess of easy shots missed, difficult shots made, mistakes in offensive or defensive execution, and bad calls all wash each other out and the game boils down to one moment.

Naturally, that moment was a 7-footer who has spent most of the last six months talking about how much he loathes Wisconsin dropping in a desperation three at the buzzer.

A shot that keeps Michigan’s season alive for another week.

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