2022-23 Season

Podcast: Big Ten Tournament Preview and All-Big Ten picks

Brendan and Dylan recap the NCAA Tournament situation for Big Ten teams, preview the Big Ten Tournament game-by-game and then share their thoughts on how the All-Big Ten teams should shake out.

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Notable Replies

  1. mgl

    Feel like Dylan is doing a boutros on the Michigan/Purdue pick

  2. j_wick06

    As always, great podcast. I have enjoyed the league coverage and commentary all year. Couple of thoughts: 1)Michigan’s season is going to come down to the last 5 minutes against Purdue on Friday, right?
    2)Painter should be coach of the year without question. The Collins hype by saying NW took 2nd is questionable. All the teams 2-8 are a play/shot away from being 2nd or 8th.
    3) Picking a perfect bracket in the big ten tournament seems impossible.

  3. umhoops



  4. telekinetic

    i, for one, will be serenely levitating 18 inches above my couch when this happens

  5. dreem

    The board might have to shut down for a bit if there’s a Friday OT loss

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