BTT 2023: Michigan vs. Rutgers Open Thread

Michigan and Rutgers get the day started at noon (ET) on BTN. The Wolverines and Scarlet Knights are facing off in a play-out game, where the loser will have almost no chance of advancing the NCAA Tournament and the winner will earn a shot at Purdue on Friday.

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Notable Replies

  1. FranzStauskas

    Welp, I’m ready to be hurt again. Hoping for a 2017-style romp through the conference tourney

  2. jmarks86

    Let’s Do This! same officials a Badgers-Buckeyes, I presume? Carstensen, Kimble, Dorsey?

  3. BurgerBoy82

    I see this game being closer than last meeting. I can’t see Rutgers going 5-16 from the FT line again. Maybe Jett makes a big impact this time since he was hurt last meeting but I would be worried about Jett defensively.

  4. kturnup

    Michigan played extremely poorly last game against them tbh. Goal should be 65ish points which should make up for the FT regression to the mean for Rutgers. I expect a close game though because of course, this team will not do it otherwise

  5. JonnyB

    Win the game. I’m just not ready for this to be the last meaningful basketball game of the season.

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