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NIT 2023: Toledo at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Toledo tip at 7 p.m. (ESPN2) tonight at the Crisler Center. Join the open thread before, during, and after tonight’s game.

Notable Replies

  1. silverblue

    Can’t believe only haniffe and me are the only ones here!

    Full disclosure, I saw haniffe was typing, and I tried to beat him to the first comment! :rofl:

  2. haniffe4

    As a savvy March Madness vet I front loaded my week so Thursday and Friday would be open…so missing at least the first half. Hopefully when I tune in for the second half we’ll all be happy

  3. mgl

    Everyone else will look upon us with jealousy as we few witness the dawn of the Gregg Glenn era

  4. ReegsShannon

    I am here at the game because I make poor choices

  5. mgl

    Maybe I’m a blissful idiot, but I find that I’m as excited to see the guys lace em up tonight as I was for the B10 game last week

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