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NIT 2023: Michigan at Vanderbilt Open Thread

Michigan and Vanderbilt tip at noon on ESPN for a second round clash in the NIT. Join the discussion on our message board.

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  1. umhoops

    Officials today: Jason Baker, Jerry Heater, Bharat Ramnanan

    Interestingly enough, all three did an NCAA Tournament game this week

  2. kturnup

    Because of course. You can’t expect them to take a couple days off.

  3. steve

    Bharat hasn’t worked since Tuesday! That’s an eternity in the ref world! The other guys did games on Thursday.

  4. Kashama1

    Have to stare at this uggo court for two hours. It’s such a weird experience for those who have never seen a Vandy game. Looks like there is no one there, like an NBA2K practice gym.

  5. BurkeDidntFoul

    At the game. Looks like both Kobe and Jett are not warming up.

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