What’s next? Assessing Michigan’s roster and portal needs

A week ago, Michigan’s priority in the transfer portal was to find the right fits around Hunter Dickinson. Starting this week, the priority is to find impact players at any position.

The news that Dickinson, Kobe Bufkin and Jett Howard are all departing means that Juwan Howard has a clean slate to build next year’s roster. Dug McDaniel returns as a starting point guard and that’s your starting point, but who plays with him and how the Wolverine roster is built is up in the air. There are no obvious high-usage options and there’s not really a go-to player to build around.

That means that the priority needs to be finding talent — at any position — and then figuring out the fit later. Right now, Michigan has two scholarships available on paper but the extent that the roster needs to be rebuilt likely means making more changes than that and figuring the rest out as you go.

Here’s a full assessment of the roster, position group by position group, and evaluation of what the Wolverines need, how potential targets fit and what all makes sense.

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