Joey Baker to sign with agent, begin professional career

Joey Baker is signing with an agent and beginning his professional career, per a report by Jon Rothstein.

Baker came to Michigan as a graduate transfer with one year to play, but there was discussion that he could potentially play an extra year pending an NCAA waiver from his freshman year at Duke. It appears that those talks have officially come to an end and Baker will move on next season.

Baker averaged 5.7 points and 2.2 rebounds in 16.4 minutes per game at Michigan last y ear. He shot 39.1% from 3-point range and started five games.

Baker is the fifth departure from last year’s roster along with Kobe Bufkin and Jett Howard to the NBA and Hunter Dickinson and Isaiah Barnes to the transfer portal.

Notable Replies

  1. kherodan32

    Best of luck, Joey.

    So another scholarship opens up. This is exciting, we have the real opportunity to completely retool our squad.

  2. umhoops

    Not exactly, a scholarship would have had to open for Baker to return.

    Either way, without Baker and Jett, there’s a need for 3-point shooting.

  3. ekozakowski

    Looking at that chart, it’s time to have a tough conversation with Greg Glenn

  4. adamsmit86

    How many players on this roster are we confident about being 35% 3 point shooters?

    To go a step further, how many guys are we confident in their ability to hit 40+ 3s for the season next year?

    Love definitely fits the volume, maybe not the percentage. But you’d have to at least respect him as a shooter.

    Dug can maybe get to 40+ 3s and he shot 35% last year, but I don’t think it’s automatic that he makes 3s at the same or better rate.

    Tray Jackson maybe fits the percentage, but not sure about the volume.

    After that….???

  5. umhoops

    I think you’d look at Love (obviously), Burnett and Jackson to make 40-plus 3-pointers this year.

    Dug maybe right under.

    Burnett hit one per game last year despite an injury and then a reduced role. Jackson hit 1 per game iin 2022 despite playing <50% of minutes.

    Seems like both guys could hit around 40 next year.

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