2023-24 Season

Transfer Tapes: Tennessee at Alabama (February 15th, 2023)

Welcome to Transfer Tapes, a multi-part offseason series where we watch a full game from one of Michigan’s incoming transfers. The plan is to watch a handful of historical games featuring Michigan’s incoming transfers. We can dive into stats, clips, metrics, and anything else, but nothing compares to the observations you can glean from watching an entire game.

Today, we start with Tennessee at Alabama on February 15th, 2023, a game featuring two incoming transfers, Olivier Nkamhoua and Nimari Burnett, for the price of one.

Why this game? The most obvious answer is that it features two incoming players in the same game. Nimari Burnett came off the bench and played 18 minutes, right as he was getting back up to full speed, while it is one of those infamous “single-digit” games by Nkamhoua.

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