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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: November 16th, 2023

It’s time for our monthly subscriber ‘Ask Me Anything’!

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Notable Replies

  1. Dizzo

    When watching games live, do you ever revert to being a fan? Is it all business, all the time, or are there moments in a close game where you find yourself on the edge of your seat getting angry about a call going the wrong way?

  2. MichiganMan2424

    What’s your updated view of the B1G after 10 days? Which teams do you think are significantly better or worse than expected?

  3. SpikeNovak

    Say M finishes the season around .500 or worse and misses the tournament.

    Other than key injuries, what are the main things that we think are true right now about this team that are likeliest to have turned out to be wrong?

  4. MichiganMan2424

    What’s the one change to/from a B1G team you could make personnel wise that would impact winning? IE what player (or coach) from one B1G team could you add to a second B1G team that would improve the second team the most?

    Let’s remove Purdue/Edey from the situation for fun. And if this is too easy, give yourself some limitations (ie role players only), or swap it up and see what change would hurt a team the most

  5. telekinetic

    (want to stress i know enough about soccer to ask this question and no more - other soccer fans please do not disagree with my premise as I do not care)

    as a man city fan, how do you handle fans of other teams simplifying their success down to “they have more money”?

    asking for a guy who’s recently had one of his favorite teams’ accomplishments cruelly and many would say very unfairly denigrated

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