2023-24 Season

Video: Phil Martelli talks Juwan Howard, Eastern Michigan

Phil Martelli met with the media after practice on Friday afternoon to discuss what little he could about the reported Juwan Howard incident, and preview Saturday’s game against Eastern Michigan.

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  1. ReegsShannon

    It is truly insane that Juwan has been back on the bench for almost a month now and is still sending Martelli out to do press conferences and answers questions about a scandal that might be the end of his tenure, instead of doing it himself.

  2. BigBoutros

    idk if the word disgraceful is too strong but it’s the one on my mind

  3. umhoops

    From the end of the video on injuries:


  4. ReegsShannon

    “unbecoming of a leader” is probably the kindest phrase on my mind :grimacing:

  5. umhoops

    It’s not even 2:30 on Saturday yet! We’re just getting started.

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