2023-24 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Terrance Williams II and Youssef Khayat talk loss to McNeese State

Juwan Howard, Terrance Williams II and Youssef Khayat met with the media in the Crisler Center on Friday after a double-digit home loss against McNeese State.

Video special to UM Hoops from Jonathan Wuchter.

Notable Replies

  1. woodson1

    what the hell was this? Was this the post game press conference? Was there only 2 reporters who showed up?

  2. umhoops

    Yep – only two reporters were there.

    Jonathan Wuchter, who shot video for us, from the Michigan Daily and James Hawkins from the Detroit News.

    Obviously Rose Bowl plays a factor in that but says something about something.

  3. Kashama1

    A 3 person postgame presser in a hallway. Amazing.

  4. woodson1

    did they start out in the normal room that they do them? I’m just trying to understand how they determined to just do it in the hallway

  5. umhoops

    From what I undertsand, there were two people there so they set it up in the hallway instead of the press room. (To be clear, I wasn’t there.)

    Basically, how it would be in many road games.

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