2023-24 Season

Video: Juwan Howard previews Rutgers

Juwan Howard met with the media on Friday afternoon to preview Michigan’s Saturday afternoon game against Rutgers.

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  1. Wayman_Britt

    I know no coach likes to answer questions from the media, but does this coach sound and have the mannerisms that he is excited and vested in turning around this program now and next year? Willing to put in the time, sweat and energy to get UM back to consistently being in the tournament and excelling in it?

  2. AC1997

    I think Juwan is far worse at media and marketing than I hoped …but hard to make that leap. Harbaugh is the most cringe worthy interview there is and no one would argue he wasn’t putting in the energy and effort to win.

  3. Wayman_Britt

    Yes, but remember Harbaugh said publically that they were going to improve the team or die trying. Don’t hear anything like that out of the basketball program.

  4. telekinetic

    “We are going to win or die trying,” Howard said with a smile.

    there you go!

  5. kturnup

    I don’t think you can really tell that from a press conference

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