2023-24 Season

Video: Juwan Howard talks Wisconsin, roster continuity

Juwan Howard met with the media on Tuesday to preview Michigan’s Wednesday night game against Wisconsin.

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  1. DeAngeloVickers

    Bush league response to a good question from the Daily student journalist

  2. AC1997

    Care to summarize here? Can’t watch the video at work…

  3. buckets12

    Juwan Howard press conferences about roster continuity feel like a Ted Bundy TedTalk about respecting women

  4. DeAngeloVickers

    “You mentioned that your system works In the press conference following the Rutgers. Can you expand on what your system is”

    “That was the Rutgers game and we are on to Wisconsin, so if you have any questions about Wisconsin I’ll answer it”

  5. BurgerBoy82

    Pulling Bill Belichick lines during media availability isn’t going to make you a better coach.

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