2023-24 Season

Game 23: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Wisconsin are set for a 7 p.m. tip on the Big Ten Network this evening with Robbie Hummel and Kevin Kugler on the call.

Join the discussion on our message board before, during, and after tonight’s game.

Notable Replies

  1. DMB43

  2. umhoops

    I feel like the Hunter Dickinson ski mask thing and the Poole party bit are two things that can die comfortably at this point. :rofl:

  3. DMB43

    How else am I supposed to have fun?!?

  4. bluejayway

    Dunno, I like the combo. Am I intimidated? Do I want to go to a luau? It keeps me from thinking about the game, which is nice…

  5. DMB43

    Also, I find it ironic you expect someone from the community here (me) to ever “retire a bit” :rofl::rofl:

    It’s beyond stupid and unserious, but I don’t care anymore :rofl:

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