Video: Christian Anderson 2023-24 Highlights

Long-time Michigan commitment Christian Anderson has excelled at Oak Hill Academy this year. The dynamic scorer, who was recently measured 5’11.5″, 155 pounds with a 6’4.5″ wing span and a 33.25″ max vertical jump at the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Camp.

Anderson has been a standout scorer on the EYBL Scholastic Circuit, where he’s averaging 19.5 points per game on incredible shooting efficiency.

Here’s a lengthy cut-up of his highlights throughout the season with Oak Hill.

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  1. AC1997

    Nice cut up. So let’s see if I understood the scout correctly… He’s an elite scorer and shooter who will probably need a ball screen in college to get open, but looks lethal when he gets some space. He literally makes 60% of any three he takes on the right side of the floor, which is almost a third of his shots. He somehow is finishing at the rim at 70% despite his lack of size and athleticism.

    I know he isn’t going to be the savior and will likely have some struggles in college - but I remain optimistic that he will have a positive impact on the program in ways that most of our 100+ ranked recruits under Juwan have not.

  2. alliteration

    Q: does he have that dawg in him?

  3. adamsmit86

    There was an internet leak of his chest x-ray that was taken at his last physical. Although the HIPAA violation is concerning, the results of the x-ray are not.

  4. Toblav

    If someone, maybe Anderson, can knock Dug off the top of the scouting reports, Dug will be all big ten caliber next year. Can Anderson play a little defense?

  5. adamsmit86

    That would be really impressive if CA could knock Dug off the Georgetown scouting reports.

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