2023-24 Season

Video: Juwan Howard previews Senior Day

Juwan Howard met with the media on Friday ahead of Sunday’s game against Nebraska and discussed Senior Day, the players who will be honored, his roster building strategy and more.

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  1. umhoops

    Question in there about Howard’s vision for roster building (portal vs HS) but he mostly ghosted it by listing off things that have happened.

  2. DeAngeloVickers

    It’s so odd to me the relative softballs that Juwan gets asked in every single one of these. No one pushed back and no one comes prepared with facts and statistics to ask about.

  3. umhoops

    Not really defending anyone, but I think most media on these calls is trying to get something/anything out of Howard to use in their articles.

    They need to write something about Senior Day, for example. Generally, I’d say pre-game availabilities are just a coach being helpful to journalists to fill their stories.

    Not really sure what cutting edge question is going to get something productive out of Howard that’s going to be useful in someone’s story.

    To be fair, there’s nothing really useful in them now either.

    It’s not even like there’s something controversial to discuss (rotations or something) that you could get an answer. It’s just a bad team in a bad season that is almost mercifully to the end.

  4. BigBoutros

    Juwan do you prefer pork belly BBQ style or Chinese style

  5. DeAngeloVickers

    “Juwan, your team hasn’t won the turnover battle in a single game since the third game of the year. What has caused this disadvantage, and what have you done to work on it”

    “Juwan your team is averaging x points per possession out of timeouts, your opponents are averaging y, what is leading to this lack of execution?”

    “Juwan, your team has lost it’s strength and conditioning coach mid-season, what has the team done to adjust, who has stepped up, has anything changed from a process standpoint?”

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