2023-24 Season

Game 31: Nebraska at Michigan Recap

Michigan limped to the finish line on Sunday with another double-digit home defeat. The Wolverines gave up 24 dunks and layups, 30 points to Keisei Tominaga, and allowed 1.21 points per possession over the course of a dismal 40 minutes.

In what feels like a common refrain, the only thing that stopped Nebraska from scoring 100 points or trying to set records was Michigan’s inability to keep the game remotely competitive.

Dug McDaniel showed off his dazzling shot making in the first half, largely matching Tominaga shot for shot, but was plagued by the same defensive lapses and errors that have defined his season. Hitting a ridiculously difficult floater or stepback jumper only goes so far if you immediately give up a layup at the other end of the court.

Of course, the paradox of McDaniel is that the Wolverines have no other reliable ways to create offense. McDaniel earned an early seat on the bench in the second half after Nebraska’s lead ballooned to 20 points. Michigan strung a few defensive possessions together with McDaniel sitting and even put together a rare 8-0 run, but clearly never had the firepower to stage a comeback.

Another blowout loss, another home defeat, and another game where it felt like there was no path to victory for what continues to look like the worst Michigan basketball team in decades.

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