2023-24 Season

Report: George Washington III to enter transfer portal

Michigan freshman guard George Washington III plans to enter the transfer portal, per Joe Tipton.

Washington was the only true freshman on Michigan’s roster this season and struggled to crack the playing rotation. He played 145 minutes and scored 26 points total in 22 appearances, with most of his contributions coming late in games that were out of hand.

Washington is a top-150 recruit who committed to Michigan in November 2022 after de-committing from Ohio State.

He’s the first player from Michigan’s roster to enter the portal but isn’t expected to be the last, given Friday’s news that Juwan Howard was fired and the Wolverines’ 8-24 finish.

Notable Replies

  1. bacon141

    Hope our six star recruit and Phat Phat see a very clear path to playing time if they stick with Michigan. Probably going to be a pretty wretched season regardless with a new coach

  2. MichBolts

    Oh so we’re definitely going to have 0 players

  3. DMB43

    Makes a lot of sense. Couldn’t crack the rotation on an 8-24 team with 1 guard for road games

  4. kturnup

    well if GW3 is gone then I’d say there’s a chance no one is back

  5. AC1997

    This surprises me. I would have figured he would be the one to wait out the new hire the most knowing an empty roster and fresh start might benefit him. I guess there’s no downside to entering the portal and shopping around with the door open to come back. Or maybe he realizes how far he was from playing and wants to find a different level.

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