2023-24 Season

‘We want to win’: Outlining a path to a successful first year for Dusty May

It’s easy to make bold and sweeping statements in front of the lights and cameras. It’s almost as if they draw them out, furnishing hopes and dreams to an audience hanging on every word. Dusty May certainly preached his vision for the future at Tuesday’s press conference, and it was a rosy picture.

A team that’s “enjoyable to watch.” A scheme that’s “like jazz.” A roster with plenty of continuity between seasons guided by “transformational values.” He even said legendary coach John Beilein could have a role in the program. Pretty much everything you could ask for in an idyllic program, May included in his vision.

But before that vision can ever become a reality, May needs to start with his first year at the helm of Michigan. He needs to lay a foundation to build his program on top of. With a deck stacked against him due to a depleted roster, May has his work cut out for him.

According to May, that doesn’t change how he wants to build the program.

“It’s too early, but there won’t be a point when we just throw in the towel and say we’re not going to be competitive this year because it’s year one,” May said. “We want to win, and we want to be able to sell that going forward, what we were able to do in year one.”

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