2024-25 Season

Will Tschetter talks offseason plans, new coaching staff on ‘Defend the Block’ podcast

With so much change around the Michigan men’s basketball team — a new coaching staff, a nearly totally new roster, and the hopes of erasing a historically bad season — Will Tschetter will be one of the few familiar faces come next fall. 

But even he’s hoping to look and feel different. 

New head coach Dusty May prefers fast-paced basketball and plenty of threes to suit, and Tschetter is welcoming it with open arms. Sure, the Wolverines won’t be afraid to go to the post or play big either, but after Tschetter played at his heaviest last season at 250 pounds, he’s working on cutting down and building agility to better integrate his game. 

“I think one of my main focal points right after the season ended was lose weight,” Tschetter said on the Defend the Block podcast. “I was at 250, playing at 250 this year was the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m already down to 230. That was one of my conversations with Coach May, definitely not playing that big anymore, guarding Zach Edey. But being able to be more of a, we always coin the term Swiss army knife, being able to move my feet. 

“In the weight room already I’ve started incorporating a ton of agility and footwork stuff, being able to get my footspeed up, be able to guard those quicker guys, because when you’re heavy like that it’s tough to stay in front of those quicker guards, especially in this league.” 

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