2024-25 Season

Dusty May’s new coaching staff jelling as offseason ramps up 

For as big of a task Dusty May had in constructing a new-look Michigan roster with so many roster spots open when he took the job, building a coaching staff that works best for him and his program was just as important. Just as with the roster, May searched far and wide to craft his suite of advisors. 

May’s vision wasn’t to surround himself with friends or solely people he’d worked with. Time and time again he was taught to go with people he’s worked with who are loyal to him, but May is more focused on a shared loyalty to Michigan, to the ‘M’ and to the players. It means he’s more than willing to bring people into the fold who he hasn’t worked with before, prioritizing diversity of thought and a staff that is strongest where he is weakest, a staff built as cohesively as the team they’re trying to build on the floor. 

All of that has gone into the coaching staff that May now surrounds himself with. 

“I didn’t really want to work with my friends,” May said Tuesday. “My friends, we know each other, we share ideas. I want guys that are going to compliment me and my weaknesses, guys that are gonna challenge me and the players everyday to get better, to have new ideas. They have to be great teachers, they have to be enjoyable to be around. … And then you look at where the guys were and they’ve won at a high level, they’re very good teachers and communicators. 

“So I think all of those things take precedence over (whether) I worked with a guy 10 years ago or whatever the case. These were the guys that I felt like were the best teachers, communicators, and they were the hungriest and driven for this particular job.” 

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