2019-20 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win over Iowa State

Juwan Howard was joined on the podium by Franz Wagner, Colin Castleton and Isaiah Livers after a win over Iowa State.

Notable Replies

  1. Wpb

    Man, how could anybody not like to be affiliated with Juwan Howard? He loves basketball, loves his school, and comports himself at a top notch level.

  2. silverblue

    100% agree!

  3. madvillain

    that was a great presser from Juwan. He speaks with authority and self assurance and with great passion for teaching. For a coach confidence is often self sustaining if they own their shit. He comes from the Heat so I’m pretty sure he knows at least a few things as they don’t suffer fools.

  4. Maize_achusetts

    Agreed. I’m one of those who watch all the post-game pressers, and I think today’s showed him at his best. I’ve never doubted his ability to coach, but his first few times at pressers, he seemed a bit awkward with reporters questions. He seemed really at ease today, which may simply be a function of having a few under his belt (or a function of just having won an important game).

  5. hack

    Looking forward to watching. Am hoping for fewer cringeworthy moments in front of reporters, and fully expecting he’ll soon enough hit his stride in that area of the job and hopefully be as interesting in these settings as Beilein was. I’m definitely going to miss Beilein press conferences.

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