Cyber Monday Sale! 50% off or free T-shirt

We’re extending our 50% off sale through Cyber Monday!

That means our best price ever on an annual subscription to UM Hoops — 50% off! — still stands. That’s just $24 for the whole year or $2 per month! Click here to sign up today!

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If you are in the giving mood, we are also offering a promo on our UM Hoops Gift Memberships. Anyone who purchases a gift membership will also receive a free UM Hoops T-shirt. Just sign up for a gift membership and we’ll follow up with you to send your free shirt.

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A subscription to UM Hoops includes:

  • Full access to the only website dedicated to Michigan basketball.
  • Game previews and recaps featuring advanced analytics and analysis.
  • Film Room features breaking down the X’s and O’s behind Michigan basketball and its opponents.
  • Recruiting video breakdowns, interviews, features, roundups and more.
  • Members-only forum access and monthly Ask Me Anything

Notable Replies

  1. michiganman_777242ea

    How come it’s not $24 to gift a membership? It’s showing $40

  2. umhoops

    Hey @michiganman_777242ea, the gift memberships are $40 with the free t-shirt. Not sure there’s a great reason, but that’s just how I set up the two promos.

  3. hack

    Can I buy now and extend? I think I’m paid thru February.

  4. Superfan16

    Hey Dylan, not so sure how this happened but I received my t-shirt today and it was not a UM hoops t-shirt. I got this shirt which says “Hubig’s Pies” whatever that means. So I’m not sure how that happened but I figured I’d at least tell you. Also not expecting you to get to this right away as the game just started.

  5. umhoops

    LOL. Will get you another one shipped. We use a company to print them on demand. Something must have gone wrong.

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