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Game 22: Ohio State at Michigan Open Thread

It is a stripe out at the Crisler Center tonight as Michigan hosts Ohio State in the first of two home rivalry games this week. Read the game preview and join the discussion below.

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  1. bobohle

    Let us know if Livers is in warming up.

  2. IanLemersal

    My student sports station got me in early today, and WOW the shirts look so cool. The energy is about to be insane, the students were lined up super far. And I even got to shake hands with Jay Bilas :smiley:

  3. CoryR

    So do people throughout sections just trade T-shirts to match sizes or what?

  4. Superfan16

    Generally they are all big enough so that 95% of people can fit into them.

  5. umhoops

    Officials for Ohio State at Michigan: Terry Wymer, DJ Carstensen and Paul Szelc

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