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2020 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized; Michigan to face Rutgers on Thursday

Michigan will open the 2020 Big Ten Tournament on Thursday afternoon (12:00 p.m.) against Rutgers in the 8-9 game on Big Ten Network.

The Wolverines earned the No. 9 seed in the conference tournament and the winner of their opening game will advance to face Wisconsin on Friday afternoon.

Here’s the finalized 2020 Big Ten Tournament bracket.


Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Resume wise, I think Michigan really wants Purdue to beat Ohio State on Thursday and Iowa to make a little run. Good chance to bag a couple of Q1 wins if they can get into the top 30 of the NET (Iowa currently at 34, Purdue at 33).

  2. JJ3

    Anybody need to win a game or two to sneak into NCAAT?

  3. umhoops

    Purdue, Indiana and Rutgers would all probably sleep a lot sounded if they can bag a Q1 win in Indianapolis.

  4. JJ3

    Rutgers?!?! I thought they would be safely in at this point. Interesting

  5. umhoops

    I think they are in (I wrote by NCAA Tourney Bible preview for them :wink:preorder it!) but they are probably on the 9/10ish line right now?

    Purdue needs to make a splash to get in (i.e. multiple wins). Indiana and Rutgers are more about landing the aircraft smoothly.

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