2020-21 Season

Nojel Eastern no longer heading to Michigan

Purdue transfer Nojel Eastern decommitted from Michigan today after failing to clear admissions.

Eastern’s decommitment means that Michigan has one scholarship remaining for the 2020-21 season.

Notable Replies

  1. swish109

    Good or bad news? Some weren’t going to like a non factor shooting the basketball but we needed a great defender.

  2. kturnup

    Anyone with more info on UM admissions/transfer process able to explain this some? A guy from Purdue can’t get all his credits transferred? Why is this such an issue at UM and not at other places?

    As we head to a world where transfers will become nearly as important as recruiting, this is a bit disconcerting for both football and basketball

  3. Neilio58

    Welp. Bummer he won’t suit up for Michigan. Wishing him the best wherever he goes

  4. adamsmit86

    What is his major? That’s really odd that Michigan wouldn’t accept credits from another Big Ten school.

  5. kturnup

    Major is Selling and Sales Management according to his roster page

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