2020-21 Season

Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

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  1. MichiganMan2424

    Good things happen when Livers shoots 3’s

  2. Dcleary_12

    Eject Robbins. No room for that in the game. Throw out Carr as well /s

  3. umhoops

    The problem isn’t Minnesota getting to the line or Minnesota’s offense doing anything. The problem is Michigan giving the ball away once every three times down the court.

  4. BraveDandon

    My second half adjustments–C’mere Eli…GenuineFarflungGrunion-mobile

  5. mgl

    I think the decisions to go with Zeb and Davis are extremely criticizable. People need to remember saying “Juwan did ____ wrong” is not out of bounds. We can think he’s a good coach and think he did something wrong in a game.

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