2020-21 Season

Podcast: A postmortem for Michigan and a look ahead

Michigan came up short against UCLA on Tuesday night in the Elite Eight. Brendan and Dylan discuss what went wrong for the Wolverines, especially late in the game. Then they dive into an early look at the offseason to set the stage for the coming months.

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  1. BleedBlue

    Decisively lining up the time of the day to listen and the time of day I’m okay with starting drinking…anddd now works just fine cheers :beers:

  2. ChipJonez

    Agreed - I’m going to need some kind of buzz for this one.

  3. bmw2gmw

    the hangover I had this morning is like none other. See you guys next season.

  4. bounce

    “A Hangover Unlike Any Other.” - Jim Nantz

  5. ReegsShannon

    A lot of interesting discussions about roster construction and how you handle transfers. I’d say this is the locked in roster:

    PG - Collins
    SG - Bufkin
    SF - Houstan - Barnes - Jace
    PF - Diabate - Williams
    C. - Dickinson - Tschetter

    That’s 9 scholarships. Then I’d say this is likely based on chatter / my guesses

    PG - Eli - Collins
    SG - Bufkin - Zeb
    SF - Houstan - Barnes - Jace
    PF - Johns - Diabate - Williams
    C. - Dickinson - Tschetter

    So that’s 11 scholarships (since Eli does not count). You could also swap out Zeb for Nunez. I think the key part is we’re going to have 2 spots to take a player if we so choose.

    As far as the front court, we can’t take a 3/4 swing or anything like that. We could take a center. If Johns stays, I don’t think that’s super necessary. If he leaves, then I think you have to go out and prioritize a good back-up center. If he stays, you can maybe just add a guy who is happy being an emergency center for a winning team.

    Backcourt is the more interesting discussion. If Zeb leaves, you need to add a player. If he doesn’t you could theoretically stay put. Personally, I think you need to go out there and get the best on-ball creator that you can. If you get a one year guy, I think Zeb is the only player who might be hurt long-term by the decision… I would imagine Frankie and Bufkin would be fine as pivotal bench pieces as freshman to start the next year.

    But for example, if you went out there and got Marcus Carr, then Michigan might be the #1 preseason team. Go out there, get a dude and try to win another championship. If you don’t get a creator, you’re basically going to need the freshmen to break through and become high-level players. Really could dramatically change the season range.

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