Podcast: NBA Draft preview for Michigan, Michigan State and the Big Ten

Brendan and Dylan preview this week’s NBA Draft from a Michigan and Michigan State perspective. They hit on Franz Wagner, Isaiah Livers, Aaron Henry and Chaundee Brown’s NBA chances before running through other Big Ten prospects who could hear their name on Thursday night.

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Notable Replies

  1. therealmirman

    I have grown to really love these podcasts.

    This is basically me every time a new podcast drops


  2. Sgold23

    Ya, one of the best pods out there

  3. dirk

    Dylan shills for Aaron Henry in the podcast, and I guess I kind of agree. I see why Franz will be drafted higher, but both have a pretty similar archetype – PJ Tucker or so. Franz has (roughly) three inches, three 3-P percentage points and maybe three years on AH, so Franz should go higher. But Henry looks like he has prototypical 2/3 body. Maybe not quite the acceleration in the half court – he didn’t get the rim as much as it seemed like he should. On the other hand, with that team, the space was so bad … when I watched them, it didn’t feel like Henry missed a ton of plays.

  4. AC1997

    It is a good point and I do think Henry has some traits that would be helpful to an NBA team. But those differences you mention are pretty significant when it comes to the NBA. Additionally it feels like more people think there’s hope for Franz’s outside shot since it has been streaky both ways and his FT% is so high. I think there’s some thought that he’s a better facilitator as well.

    Henry was really hurt by the inefficient offense that lacked any other playmakers and had a gaping wound at PG. I think he’ll maybe get a 2-way contract and have a path to show he belongs. I’m not sure defense alone is enough to stick as an otherwise generic 6’7" wing (as compared to shooting when you think about Livers), but I think he’ll hang around the fringe of the NBA for a while and get his chance.

  5. dirk

    I think your assessment is fair. I guess when I think of the two, I’m worried about the ambiguity I feel in my answers to the questions, of the two, 1) who would I ask to check Harden? Mano a Mano. 2) if I had to win a game tomorrow, who would I pick?

    I’m not sure NBA exec should think much at all about #2, but I guess I believe they overvalue ceiling versus proven skill, production, toughness, etc. it’s a tough job.

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