2022-23 Season

Podcast: The state of Big Ten hoops; projecting head coaches’ futures

College basketball is just three days away! Dylan and Brendan discuss the state of the Big Ten and why the conference has struggled to turn good regular seasons into great postseasons. Then they switch over to the end of the bench and discuss the likelihood that each Big Ten coach is still employed by their school three years from now.

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Programming Note: We will have a new Pin Down episode (Michigan only pod) on Sunday or Monday reacting to the exhibition and previewing the season. Hopefully Sunday. So stay tuned for that.

  2. quickdarshan

    I love the Pindown pods but a (hopefully) helpful suggestion to make them flow better as sometimes the two of you don’t seem sure when to speak and don’t want to step on each other. Maybe have a go-to phrases to cue each other.

    Stealing this from The Dunker Spot but if you want the other person to talk at length on something, “I’m gonna clear out and let you iso…” Or if you feel like you’re rambling, “The shot clock’s running down so I’m just going to pass it back to you.”

  3. dirk

    I think this was a great pod and the central dialogue — can this guy coach three more years — is really an excellent frame.

    BQ’s closing what if — what if IU had said screw it, we got our guy—w Kelvin (effing) Sampson is just absolutely haunting. The whole league would be better. (Slower, too? I don’t think so (asymptote of zero), but it’s worth consideration.)

  4. AC1997

    Cut through this pod on my long drive this morning, quality work.

    I thought the Big ten tournament success or lack thereof was an interesting conversation. Certainly we would need to break down more data and trends from teams that made the final four in the past 20 years to see if there’s something more obvious. I also would have loved to explore that conversation about which teams were poised for a final four run and fell short, like the bridges JJJ team at Michigan State or one of the Kofi Illinois teams perhaps. There’s certainly something to the recruiting rankings and I think Dylan’s on to something with the depth of the conference. It isn’t that the other converses aren’t trying to win, I think the diversity is lacking and the bottom teams are pretty solid so it maybe does underprepare teams for the tournament.

    I still love the hypocrisy of Tom Izzo railing against the current state of basketball when two of his starters are from the portal and he was able to benefit by jettisoning three players to the portal that he didn’t want to play anymore. Meanwhile his school is capitalizing on some rich mortgage moguls to fund their facilities, coaches, and NIL.

  5. Masochist

    The B10 needs a team that plays like Texas Tech that wants to cause havoc. Even the good defensive teams in the B10 don’t want to force turnovers and play more conservatively. The only team who presses consistently is Iowa and their defense stinks often.

    Iron sharpens iron. Teams like Tech, Houston, etc. challenge the opposing guards and force them to be better. I think B10 guards need to get tested more if you want to see improvement from those positions in the B10.

    This is not to say a defensive team like Tech would even be the best team in the B10. But I think a program like that would force everyone to adapt.

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