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    1. After decades of watching basketball and playing organized pickup, I thought I recognized a fair amount of what I saw on the courts while watching. But, with this type of film session, I am actually learning basketball on a whole new level. Wow. Just wow!

    2. MGoBlueAdam

      This is the best blog out there for Michigan basketball fans! The content is amazing for recruiting, previews, analytics and game recaps. Friends who root for other schools tell me all the time that they are jealous that they don’t have a forum like this! Keep up the good work!

    3. silverblue

      UMhoops is the finest site for University of Michigan information anywhere. The content is outstanding and very timely. It would be difficult to truly follow Michigan Basketball and be adequately informed without UMhoops unless you are actually in the locker room with the team!

  1. Brian

    UMHoops is absolutely my first stop for coverage of the U-M basketball team, and always helps me see angles in the game I wouldn’t otherwise. It’s hard to imagine enjoying the games so much without the detailed previews, game recaps and always-well-reasoned analysis (a great balance for my typical gameday overreactions). Thanks, keep up the great work!

  2. mcscott

    This is by far the best site for everything Michigan Basketball. I live out of state and my friends that are fans of different college b-ball teams wish they had a similar site covering their team.

  3. StateStreetHero

    UM Hoops is the definitive site for Michigan hoops. They follow recruiting the closest (look at the first mentions and full video breakdown of Cole Bejema as evidence). Their pre- and post-game analysis utilize both subjective data takes and quantitative measurements, which are far to superior to any other basketball site.

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