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Game 2: Holy Cross at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Holy Cross will tip off at 7:30 p.m. tonight from the Crisler Center (BTN Plus, $).

Read the game preview and then join the discussion in the comments section below.

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  1. kturnup

    Iggy takeover

  2. CoryR

    Iggy didn’t come to Michigan to lose to Holy Cross.

  3. buckets12

    Down 6 at the half to a huge underdog. True freshman scores 13 points by himself before the first media timeout of the 2nd half. Pumps up the crowd on the way to the huddle. Absolutely electric

  4. buckets12

  5. BP3

    The thing about Livers is he has the talent and upside to be a star. It’s always been mental with him offensively. At least that’s how I view his game. He’s our most versatile defender, a top 3 jump shooter, a top 2 athlete and clearly has a extremely high basketball IQ, hence why he played so much as a freshman last year right away. If Poole, Matthews and Iggy can gel and hit the level we expect, plus if Livers can rise to this level he’s been playing at or higher, i think Michigan will have decent enough offensive weapons to go with the defense

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