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Michigan ranked 4th in initial NET Ranking release

The NCAA released the first NET Rankings of the 2018-19 season today and Michigan checks in at No. 4 in the initial release.

The Wolverines are one of four Big Ten teams in the top ten, joining Ohio State (1), Michigan State (7) and Wisconsin (8).

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Only one Big Ten school is ranked outside the top 100 (Illinois at 125) which bodes well for the conference’s chances at a high volume of at large NCAA Tournament bids.

Here’s a full list of the Big Ten rankings:

  • Ohio State (1)
  • Michigan (4)
  • Michigan State (7)
  • Wisconsin (8)
  • Nebraska (14)
  • Iowa (15)
  • Maryland (17)
  • Purdue (20)
  • Indiana (34)
  • Minnesota (43)
  • Rutgers (74)
  • Penn State (75)
  • Northwestern (83)
  • Illinois (125)

Find the full ranking release here. The NET was announced by the NCAA this summer as a replacement for the RPI. It will be the primary metric used by the NCAA Selection Committee.

At the time, I wrote about how the lack of transparency behind the NET algorithm (among other things) could be a cause for concern.

This graphic released by the NCAA explains (in simple terms) what goes into the NET system.

Notable Replies

  1. buckets12

  2. umhoops

    This is the new NCAA Selection Committee metric. When it was announced I wrote about how the lack of transparency was concerning. That hasn’t really changed.

    This graphic is basically all the information the NCAA has provided about what goes into the NET.

    Regardless of how much the black box nature of the metric annoys me, it bodes well for the Big Ten that so many teams are ranked highly right now.

    If the Big Ten can nab a few key wins off of the ACC this week, conference should be in a strong position come March.

    It is also ridiculous but not surprising that we don’t get any sort of rating measure. There’s no indication of how far 1 is from 2 or 5 is from 50. Strictly numbered ranks.

    It is also probably way too early to release this. If you ran KenPom without preseason factors right now it would probably look wonky. The RPI after Thanksgiving probably looks wonky every year.

  3. umhoops

    Under the O and the D? They are just explaining how possessions are calculated:

    FGA + TO - OR + .475 * FTA is the standard for estimating possessions in college hoops.

  4. umhoops

  5. wolverheel

    For all of RPI’s flaws at least we knew exactly how it was calculated and we knew what the purpose was: resume resume resume.

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