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Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan hosts Wisconsin this afternoon (12:00 p.m., FOX) for a rematch of its January loss in Madison.

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  1. ReegsShannon

    This was not the game for Dylan to full throatedly defend the refs preemptively, lol

  2. MaizeBlue10

    Uh yeah, this is why people watch the refs

  3. Slytherin1

    That slam by Livers covered the spread for us lmao. We won by 9 and the spread was 8.

  4. kturnup

    Sorry guys I’ve reached the max number of likes for the next 2 hours

  5. CoryR

    He should have been in foul trouble midway through the first half. Just because the calls went our way in the second half doesn’t mean they didn’t miss a ton in the first.

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