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Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan hosts Wisconsin this afternoon (12:00 p.m., FOX) for a rematch of its January loss in Madison.

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  1. umhoops

    Officials for Wisconsin at Michigan: Terry Wymer, Lamont Simpson and Kelly Pfeifer.

  2. bobohle

    I look for M to be ready and focused and hopefully not over amped like they sometimes are.

  3. steve

    Entirely different set of officials from the first meeting although Wymer was on the whistle for the Iowa game and this will be his sixth M game of the season. Third M game for Pfeifer and second for Simpson.

    Side note: Lamont Simpson doesn’t call very many games these days (probably due to his age)…wonder if it keeps him fresh or if it makes him rusty.

  4. umhoops

  5. Bmbeach

    Anyone know a WiFi password in Crisler? I’m tapped out on data and cannot follow the thread. :cry:

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